Owl stalk collage

Lately I seem to be moving in a new direction with my work and it all started with getting back to basics. I haven't made a collage since I was around 10 years old & there is something really satisfying and tactile about only using your hands, paper and glue. I'm purposely not using scissors to give the finished artwork an element of freedom and a more expressive torn edge feeling.
The collage has a whole was made from a selection of old bank bill envelopes (the inside of the envelopes have this amazing screen tone pattern) I also used my old payslips which again have a very definite pattern. Finally using an almost transparent paper layer for the under feathers and shreds of the Financial Times and Prophet magazine for the trees. It is not a political statement as someone who once noticed what it was made from and commented on. I just have a lot of bills ;o)


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